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If you have ever been researching for a furling unit, you have probably been lost at some point to understand every concept, the difference between the products available, between the features and designs from one manufacturer to the other … not to mention the headaches with understanding the vocabulary itself!

This blog aims to cover these topics and help you navigate through the information available to better understand these critical pieces of equipment that are here to make your life easy!

We are at the early stage and are still implementing new information and ressources as fast as we can process them, but if there is anything specific you are looking for and not finding out here yet, we encourage you to contact us directly with your question or request and will do our best to help you out. You can use our contact form here.


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News from the racing scene

Furler inventory at Transat Jacques Vabre 2019​

We were in Le Havre for the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre, where we had the chance to view the boats. We took this opportunity to make the inventory of furler supplied on the boats participating in this transatlantic race.

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Educational contents

Logo - Profurl
Based in France
Reefing furler, Non-reefing furlers, boom furlers
Created in 2004
Logo - KZ Racefurlers
Based in New Zealand
Non-reefing furlers
Created in TBD
Logo - Karver
Based in France
Non-reefing furlers
Created in 2004
Logo - Ubi Maior
Based in Italy
Non-reefing furlers
Created in 2010
Logo - Facnor
Based in France
Reefing furlers, Non-reefing furlers, Mainsail furlers
Created in 1981
Logo - Selden
Based in Sweden
Reefing furlers, Non-reefing furlers, In-mast furlers
Created in 1960
Logo - Harken
Based in the USA
Reefing furlers, Non-reefing furlers
Created in 1967
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Manual reefing furlers
Manual Reefing Furlers
Electric reefing furler
Electric reefing furlers
Non-reefing furlers
Non-reefing furlers
Logo - Profurl
Non-reefing furler accessories
Furling lock
Furling locks
Electric non-reefing furler
Electric non-reefing furlers
Hydraulic non-reefing furler
Hydraulic non-reefing furlers
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